A/N: I had no intention of making this story happy, and it is not. This is just chapter one. It's AU, set in WW2. And my writing style is different.


It's odd, wasn't it?

And cruel.

Damn cruel it was.

It started with her.

Caitlin Scott. Blonde hair, green eyes. Perfect. Beautiful.

Then there was him.

Mark Jackson. He loved her.

Goddamn the fact that she was Jewish.

They kissed, hugged at harbors, enjoyed every free moment there was.

And they enjoyed it.

His biggest fear was not for him, it was for her.

One day they caught him and her.

And took her away.

He watched.

She was brought to a camp.

She was starved and beaten till they finally killed her.

Why kill her?

Her green eyes were lifeless.

And after he got the news, so were his.

Then there was Joey Payne and Vanessa Bradley.

She pretended to hate him, while he watched from afar.

But one day she told him about her crush while he was alive.

Because he was Jewish.

He wasn't as creepy as everyone thought.

They kissed. They were happy.

For ages they spent time together.

They never caught him or brought him to a camp like they brought Miss Green Eyes before.

It was a few months before the war ended.

It had been years, so they thought they were safe.

But one day they found out, and took him away.

That was not good for her.

They killed him right away.

Since he had no strength to work.

She found out that he was dead after the war ended.

She was in horror when she found out.

But wouldn't you be, too?

Think about it.

Then there was Virginia Gilbert.

She was mean.

But she was beautiful and everyone thought so.

There was this one boy she sort of liked.

He wasn't known among her "group."

His name?

Well, she never told.

But they were in love.

Without anyone knowing.

However, he fought in the army.

They barely had any time together.

One day she got a note saying he had died.

Agonized tears fell down her face.

She felt bad.

They never had kissed.

But Virginia Gilbert was mean,

and never felt sorry.

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