Yup, this is my totally epic Trelisse fanfic. Dedicated to the original Trelisse shippers: Graceh and Steroline.

Clarisse just couldn't bring herself to say that is Trevor and Evan were just friends. She knew better.

When she saw them hugging, her eyes started producing tears she didn't know she had. She blinked them back and hid behind fake smiles and teasing.

And that was what she always did when she saw them.

Fake smiles and blinking back tears

When they were found innocent after the case was re-opened, Trevor and Evan announced that they were officially dating. 2 happy things as once for them.

But all Clarisse wanted to do was go back in time to when things were hard and Trevor and Evan hid behind denial.

Back to when she could pretend that she had a chance with Trevor.

Their one year anniversary party.

No one thought it could last that long. Not even half as long as Taylor and Declan's. After one year of dating, Trevor and Evan were perfectly happy.

At the stroke of midnight, Clarisse cornered Trevor.

"I'm really happy for you, you know that?"

"Thanks. Hope you find someone that makes you happy too."

"As long as you're happy, I'm happy."

Then, instinct took over and she planted a short kiss right on his lips.

"I had to do that, just once."

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