This fic is Taylan, AKA Taylor/Declan from The Exiled Chosen. Rated T.

A/N: I'll just be writing a collection of one-shots. There will be no character hate, pairing hate, or hate whatsoever. Anyway, the pairings are probably going to be Vanessa/Taylor, Declan/OC, and definitely Declan/Taylor. Read on! ^_^

the dance > she's crying on the night of that one dance.

"You look really beautiful, you know." 

She knows it's him saying this, because none of the other immortals call her beautiful. She's wearing a purple silk dress to her knees and cheap sandals. It's all that she could afford without stealing, so she bought it.

"I don't feel beautiful," her reply is short. He walks towards her, not letting the usual smirk he wore while he was around her slip. For once, she thought. 

"You said no. I asked someone else. You know that I love you, Taylor." The memory suddenly does appear to her. Him asking her with a hopeful look on his face, while she turned him down with no second thoughts. 

"You promised you would wait for me." Taylor replied, helplessly out of excuses. Lord help her stubbornness.

"And I will." 

But he didn't seem so positive when he said it.

She sees that girl. 

Taylor knows her name is something common. Elizabeth. That's what it was. A mortal girl with golden hair and blue eyes. 

Part of her wanted to sink her fangs in the girl's neck. Declan didn't really love her. But other people did. Her family, friends. And definitely herself. 

No. No. She didn't love him. Immortals can't fall in love, it's unnatural. She learned that four years ago when her best friend bit her. 

Ages ago, she was exiled into Cincinnati, Ohio from the magical world of Nightbrooke. She learned she didn't like him, and never would. 

But things change. Even vampires can, over time, if you look closely.

Looking at the girl and him dancing, she feels tears sting at her eyes. They roll down, onto her cheeks. She just wipes them with her arm.

She's alone. Stranded. Vanessa and Chloe aren't there. She has no idea about the other immortals. But he's there dancing with the golden haired girl with sea blue eyes in a full length dress.

It seems as the songs roll by, they'll never be done. The dance that should be hers, she knows. 

But she was stupid enough to say no.

It's about eleven when he asks her to dance. 

Elizabeth is furious, but Taylor's overjoyed. Taking his hand, she wonders if he heard her heart, beating fast and pumping hard. 

He did. 

"Were you crying, Taylor?" he wraps his around her. He's known as the vampire who's vicious and heartless but loves one girl with brown hair and brown eyes. 

She doesn't answer, because she can't. Immortals don't cry over love. 

The Taylor Swift song seems to fly by, because soon the dance is over. 

Elizabeth doesn't come back.

"Yes, I was." she replies when she sees the blonde dancing with another mortal. Taylor smiles, but the world is nearly stopping. 

But they have time for one kiss.

A/N: lol that sucked.

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