Note: This is Trevan Romantic, meaning it is a slash fic, which is another way for saying boyxboy. Don't like? Don't read, plain and simple. Oh, and it's all in Trevor's point of view.

Remember, Trevor, love can be a poorly aimed arrow. You never know who you'll find yourself falling in love with...

My mother's words echoed in my head, as they had frequently during the last few days. Why? I couldn't be...falling in love with someone, could I?

Almost as if in response to my question, Evan Martinez walked by, grabbing a bottle of water.

I facepalmed. I obviously wasn't crushing on Evan. That would just be awkard.

You never know w-

Yes, mysterious voice that sounds like my mom but is in my head. I heard you the first 200 times. There's a possiblity that I might be falling for Evan, but it's not likely.

Evan looked at me curiously. Crap, had I been ranting out loud? That was awkward. Be cool, Trevor, be cool.


"You were mumbling."

"You didn't hear what it was about, did you?"

"Nooo I wasn't that close, dude."

I looked at him with a solid stare. I knew him better than that.

"You did, didn't you."

"You were debating with yourself whether you were gay...and...."

"Go on."

"If you had a crush on me."

"Don't be stupid, Evan Jacob Martinez."

"Are you sure I'm the one being stupid, Trevor Kenton Marks?"

"We're both stupid. Stupid, hormone-struck teenaged boys who are probably just lonely."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

...Was I? Was I really right? Or was there something more to my friendship with Evan?

I looked down. Aw crap, how long have we been holding hands?

I yanked my arm away.

"That was awkward" we both said at the same time.

"Stop saying the same thing I'm saying!"

"Are we read-"

"Maybe we aren't so stupid after all..."Evan said.

"You aren't saying..."

"Bro, I hate to admit it. But I think we might be gay."

"Only one way to find out..."

Evan nods his head.

We hug.

Then someone peers in the room. We stop quickly, but that didn't stop the person from noticing us, widening her eyes, and then walking away. As she walked away I noticed it was Taylor.

Well damn. Now she knows we might be gay.And the moment was completely ruined.

At least now I know the truth.

I'm gay. Well that's a shocker.


I'm gay.

And so is Evan....

Life can be confusing, but at least I figured my orientation out.


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