Yep, my fanfic for The Exiled Chosen. This is just a drabble. Keep in mind that my writing style is different...

Like a House of CardsEdit

A house divided, cannot stand...

Every day, another fight.

No one said living together was easy.

But no one said it was that hard.

When living with 4 vampires, a shapeshifter, 2 werewolves, and a sorcerer, living in a normal house can be like living in a house of cards.

It seems so strong and proud on the outside, but really it's just waiting to crumble.

Trevor Marks had an tendency to practice magic outdoors, near windows.

"You broke the window!"

"Sorry, Vanessa. Didn't know that was your bedroom window."

Sometimes, blood lust got the better of the vampires.

"Why is there blood on my cookies?"

"We were at a blood drive..."

"And took some home?"

Clarisse decided to practice blending into walls into the vampire room.

"So, what's up with you and Declan?"


"Clarisse? What are you doing here?"

And the full moon did nothing good for the werewolves.

"Can't Evan change outside, so that he won't ruin the couch next time?"

"I dunno."

But, even with all the drama they loved each other.

Protected each other.

Built each other up.

Like a house.

Like a house of cards.

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