This is my attempt at a BTR FIC.

Cait stood outside Michelle's door. She took a deep breath, and knocked. Almost immediately, Michelle opened the door. Her hair was half curled, she had two different earrings on, and she was wearing a pretty black dress.

"Hi, Cait. What are you doing here?" Michelle asked.

"It's Valentine's day." Cait said bluntly.

"I know," Michelle said. "I have a date tonight."

"But, I thought... never mind." Cait turned away.

"You remembered?" Michelle asked. Cait turned back around.

"When we just started middle school, we promised that if we didn't have dates on V-day, we would have a girls night back when we were-"

"Best friends." Michelle said.

"I know it's all been forgotten and forgiven, but we're not close anymore. I wanna be your BFF again." Cait said.

"I do too." Michelle said. Then, she hugged Caitlin. "Best friends?"


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